Alison Meredith graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mathematics.   She taught professionally for six years in the 1990s, at Dobyns-Bennett and at schools in North Carolina and Massachusetts.  She spearheaded a new teacher training program and mentored young teachers. 


She taught all Math subjects from Pre-Algebra through Calculus, but Geometry became her favorite.  In 1997, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics selected 10 teachers to receive their Future Leaders Award, Alison was among them.  


Alison and her husband Tim have been married over 25 years; they have home-educated their seven kids since the beginning.   They are both actively involved in leadership at  First Presbyterian Church, Bristol.  Alison is the committee chair of Boy Scout Troop 3.

Alison has created extensive resources regarding how to protect kids and teenagers in digital communications.

  Tim and Alison own Tech Eagles, a business which provides cybersecurity to other businesses throughout Southwest Virginia and the Tri-Cities.  Alison became a best-selling author in 2019 with the release of You are the #1 Target, a book to help businesses protect their networks from cyber threats.  


Spring 2022:

Public Speaking

Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:30

Classes previously offered, which may be offered again:

Practical Thinking Skills,

Fall 2018,

co-taught with Mr. Nick Grabar

Intro to Logic & Fallacies

co-taught with Mr. Nick Grabar.

Habits and Skills for Success

Mrs. Meredith does not currently tutor students in Math or offer Math classes through Bristol Academy. 


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