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  • The Fall 2023 Class is Now Full and Cannot Accept Further Applicants

  • All High School students, as well as mature 8th grade students, are welcome. No musical, dance, or theatrical experience is required. The only requirement is a willingness to learn.  

  • The course will be centered around preparing Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. which will be performed at the end of the fall semester.  A different musical will be prepared in the spring semester.  Throughout this process, students will learn foundational technique and skills in performance, acting, singing, and dance as they relate to the selected musical. 


  • In addition to regular class hours, additional meetings for the audition and performance for the fall semester (spring semester dates will be announced in December) are as follows:


- August 15th 1:30-3:30 PM: auditions

- December 5th 1:30-3:30 PM: tentative dress rehearsal at  performance site (TBD)

- December 12th: students will stay through the afternoon past normal class hours until the evening performance

  • Every student who registers will be cast in the musical, but students may specify at the time of audition if they are interested in being considered for roles with sung solos or not. 

  • The audition will consist of some group activities, a prepared monologue and a prepared song excerpt (each approximately 1 minute in length). 

    • You may select any song that you feel comfortable with! Select something that gives us a good idea of your voice and preferably which allows you to sing in a style similar to Fiddler on the Roof. Students must provide their own accompaniment for their song selection. Searching "accompaniment tracks" or "karaoke" for different show or song titles on YouTube, Spotify, or another streaming service should give you plenty of options. 

    • You can search for monologues from classic literature and plays such as Anne Frank, Our Town, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, etc. You may also search online for audition monologues, but if you do this please do it with the permission and input of a parent. 

    • If you are feeling stuck with these requirements, please reach out and we will do our best to point you in the right direction. (Include both Mrs. Bullen and myself in the email, please!) 

    • "Do I have to sing by myself?" We will not force you to sing alone. Here's the catch: If you want to be considered for a role that includes solo singing, you must be willing to sing for the audition. Students who choose not to sing solo for the audition will only be considered for roles that also do not have solos. If you do not feel comfortable doing so at this time, we will understand!(Everyone will sing in group/ensemble numbers.)

  • The class will be capped at 25 students to provide every participant sufficient opportunity.

  • Students earn 1/2 credit for a High School elective course.  Parents are responsible for managing the transcript for their student. As a performance-based class, the instructors prefer to grade it as a pass/fail with recommendations for grading as needed.

  • No textbooks required. 

  • Printing fees are included in the cost of the class; the teachers  will provide the necessary materials.


Fall 2023 & Spring 2024




   $180.00*  PER Semester

*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

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