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in Bristol, at our Regular Location

(To instead read about the Kingsport section of this class, click here.)

Introduction to Logic & Fallacies is a one semester course which is designed to develop reasoning skills fundamental to applications in math, English, science, and typical life situations. 

  • Topics include history of logic, recognizing fallacies and propaganda, use of deductive and inductive reasoning and solving syllogisms.

  • Students will learn how to spot propaganda and fallacies being used in casual conversations as well as on various media outlets including print, internet, and social media.

  • Approximately two hours of outside work will be required per week.

  • There are no prerequisites to take this course, other than the student being capable of high school level course work.  Mature middle school aged students are also welcome to take the class.

  • This course is worth 1/2 credit of high school (elective). Parents are responsible for managing the transcript for their student.  The teacher will communicate the end-of-course grade within 2 weeks of the final class date.

“My son has taken two classes from Nick Grabar, including his Logic and Critical Thinking Skills Class. In both classes, I was very pleased with what my son gained. The concepts Mr. Grabar taught are so important throughout life but are often left out of traditional curriculums."  --Katharine Wilson-Thompson      

"I highly recommend all of Mr. Grabar's courses!  I am very excited that he'll be working through The Fallacy Detective during a presidential election season.    The news will be rife with opportunities for our kids to have a great time spotting Straw Man arguments, Red Herrings, and more."  --Alison Meredith

Mr. Grabar is an outstanding educator and a great communicator.  My kids really enjoyed his teaching.  I highly recommend him!"          --Samantha Gray     

                                                                                                 Read more testimonials by clicking here            



Tuesdays, in Bristol

12:00--1:30  Spring 2020

(for Kingsport info, click here)


   $60 one student

   $100 two siblings

   $120 three or more siblings

​*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.


  The Fallacy Detective, by Bluedorn and Bluedorn (pictured below)

   Any edition, used or new

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