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Time Management
Critical Thinking

Is your teenager struggling to meet deadlines?  Does your teen have trouble thinking broadly and creatively? Or does your teenager manage time well, but would like to learn new strategies?  Does creative thinking come easily to your teen?

All teenagers are welcome!  Students will learn time-management strategies and critical thinking skills that will enable them to be more effective in all the responsibilities they have.

  • Students will learn critical thinking tools used by professionals and companies worldwide.  These tools will help students become better thinkers individually and in group problem-solving situations.

  • Students will learn time-management principles created by Darren Hardy and other leaders.

Dr. Edward De Bono said:


“Thinking is a teachable skill. If IQ is equivalent to the horsepower of a car, then thinking skill is the equivalent to driving skill.  Just because a car has huge horsepower doesn’t mean the car will be driven well.  It takes a skilled driver.  


The purpose of developing thinking as a deliberate skill is to enable a person to apply this skill to new and unfamiliar situations that one faces in life with better outcomes.” 

  • Students will learn how and when to use the Six Thinking Hats, as well as other concepts developed by Edward DeBono.

Homework will be about 1.5 hours per week.

1/2 Credit as an Elective course.

 Parents are responsible for managing the transcript for their student.  The teacher will communicate the end-of-course grade within 2 weeks of the final class date.

Dr. De Bono's work has been implemented worldwide by people of all ages.   Many corporations have invested in training their employees to learn these thinking skills.   Dr. De Bono himself said that although adults can learn these concepts, ideally these skills would be taught to youth. 

We hope you will enroll your student in this wonderful elective class!


Texts will be provided on loan from Bristol Academy:

   Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy


   Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono

Fall 2022
1:30 - 3:00 PM


One student $75
Two siblings $130

Three siblings $195

*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

Look What the 2022 Students Created to Summarize DeBono's Thinking Hats!
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