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Foundations of Finance

What is Money?  


How do you define key terms related to money management, such as: revenue, expenses, debt, bills, interest, CDs, savings, and more?

How should money be managed? 

What are routine, daily financial decisions, and how can you learn to make them with better habits?  What should your "mental default settings" be as you frequently experience these decisions?

What are some occasional big financial puzzles you'll need to solve in life?  When facing one of these, how can you form a PNI list (Positive, Negative, Interesting) to help you weigh the risks and benefits of different strategies to solve the puzzle?


When should you make payments with cash, a credit card, a check, or a debit card?  What are the positive, negative, and interesting factors of using these differing payment methods in different situations? 

What if you want to start a business?   What are key metrics you need measure?  How do you leverage your financial investments to help your business succeed?  How do you analyze your income and expenses, to better inform your upcoming decisions?

This one-semester class will explore all of these topics and more.  

Mrs. Meredith and Mr. Grabar will not be the only teachers!  They are recruiting amazing guest speakers and teachers, including CPAs and Financial Advisors.

Students will have about 2.5 hours of homework per week.

This class is ideal for students ages 15-19, although a mature 14-year-old can also take the class. 

This course is worth 1/2 credit in Personal Finance, a required elective Tennessee and in many other home-education plans.





Both of these books will be loaned to you from Mrs. Meredith.  You will have the option of buying them from her; they are not expensive. If you buy them, your student can write in them!  :)   But borrowing them, to return at the end of the semester, is also OK.

You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Other articles, videos, etc will be part of homework assignments as well.

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Fall 2023

Tuesdays  8:30--10:00 AM



   $125.00* - payable at Fall registration


*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

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