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Math Club

Does your teenager struggle with Math, or do they love it?  All teenagers who are currently taking another class with Bristol Academy are welcome to join this club.   Students will have fun preparing for the Pi Day Party.


Students will also:

  • Have fun doing Math together!  Traditional problems, new games, and volunteer work will fill our time.

  • Spend about 30 minutes each week independently working on Math from whatever curriculum they are using.  Students are encouraged to bring Math homework with them.  If they bring nothing, Mrs. Meredith will provide review worksheets.

  • Learn and play the Factor Game and complete other interesting Math challenges together.

  • Do volunteer work needed for the 2023 Pi Day Party, to be held in March


No Credits will be earned by participating in this club.

This club does not replace Math curriculum that parents are managing for each student.

Mrs. Meredith will occasionally briefly tutor a student one-on-one but cannot do this for every student every week.

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Spring 2024
8:30--10:00 AM


$18 one student

$30 two siblings

$42 three siblings

*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

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