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Mr. Arnold grew up in Bristol, Tennessee. After graduating high school, he served in the US Army then spent 17 years living in Cajun country in southern Louisiana. He now resides back in Bristol with wife, Heather, and is a dad to four kids, three grandkids, and two crazy dogs. He is a 15-year cancer survivor and rocks a pretty cool battle scar.


Bryan and Heather have a passion for cooking and consider it as a ministry as well as an art. Bryan’s strength is definitely smoking meat, but he makes a wide variety of different foods and baked goods. Together, Mr. Arnold and his wife have catered multiple events including weddings, funerals, and various functions for churches, friends, and family. They also host meals in their home for various ministry events.

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Mr. Arnold substitute taught for the middle school cooking class in 2021 and is excited for this opportunity to share his passion for cooking with the students of Bristol Academy once again. He attends First Christian Church in Bristol, Virginia where he is the Youth Pastor.


Fall 2023 AND Spring 2024


Thursdays, 1:30-3:00

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