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"Academic Challenges, Caring Teachers,

Great Friendships--Just What We Needed!"


     "I so appreciate Bristol Academy.   The work of the teachers and leadership team benefited our son so greatly these past few years.  

      The course offerings have been just what we needed to supplement our homeschool program.   The instructors have been “top shelf” people (yes, EVERY one of them), well educated and knowledgeable in their subjects, good communicators, and truly compassionate and caring individuals that our son  has come to love, as well as respect.

     The class location has been convenient, clean, safe and appropriate; the structure of the group is well thought out, planned, and executed with an emphasis on Christian values.

      Lastly, the smiles, friendships, shared loved/concern/hopes for each of our students (as well as their families) has been beautiful. 


     What a wonderful experience Bristol Academy has been for our family.  As we, at our home, move into the “college years,” we do so with fond memories of these high school years shared with all of our Bristol Academy friends, and will miss each of them.   The experience of being a part of this group has been beautiful in so many ways for us.


      We have noted an amazing amount of student growth in our son since enrolling with Bristol Academy; particularly in regards to more in-depth subject matter interest, source exploration, and report writing.  He has become more self-challenged than ever before, which has been great to see.


      We hope Bristol Academy continues to grow, and attract students/families desiring this wonderful Christian environment for richly learning and growing.  We will be praying for the students, teachers, and leaders of this education ministry.  Bristol Academy is helping raise the next generation of Christian adults, parents, leaders, and yes, educators!"


--Michael & Nancy (Lisa) Mumpower, whose son graduated in 2019


     "Isha Youhas is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher who does not leave room for you to slack off, holds herself to a higher standard than her students, and is an effective communicator. It is a joy to take a class taught by her and you will be able to use what you learn in noticeable ways.
After taking 2 semesters of her US History class, I went on to pass the College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) tests for US History I & II with no preparation asides from her classes, earning me 6 college credits for what I had learned from her.

     I am incredibly grateful for what I learned from her and highly recommend her to anyone that has a chance to take one of her classes.”

--Tom M.

   "I was the director at Harvester Teaching Services when  Isha Youhas was teaching with us.  She always had a full class! 

      It was very exiting--even some parents  begged to get in class;   they sat in the back row and took notes.    She has an amazing breadth of experience and knowledge.  When she shares this with the kids,  it makes history come alive.  

      I highly recommend her as a teacher, and wish we could bring her back here!"

--Joan Silver, Director of Harvester Teaching Services


      "Three of my children studied U.S. Government (one semester) and Economics (one semester) under Mrs. Youhas during the 2018-2019 school year. With her experience in law and vast knowledge of U.S. History and Government, Mrs. Youhas adeptly connects past events with current happenings so that her students come away with a desire and ability to critically consider present-day events in light of history.

      As a result of having Mrs. Youhas as an instructor, my kids are more aware and interested in the Constitution and its proper application to governmental decisions as well as Economics both here and abroad. Any high school student (and most adults) could benefit from her classes!"

---Lori Chapman


    "My daughter had a wonderful experience in Mr. Grabar's 'Achieving Your Potential' course.  She learned a lot about how to better organize and prioritize her life and  the class inspired her to work on self- development in other areas.  She even started giving me some pointers from the class. A worthwhile investment; I highly recommend Mr. Grabar's classes!"                                — Karen Blackard



     “My son has taken two classes from Nick Grabar, both his Achieving Your Potential class and his Logic and Critical Thinking Skills class. In both classes, I was very pleased with what my son gained. The concepts Mr. Grabar taught are so important throughout life but are often left out of traditional curriculums. Everyone needs to learn logic, critical thinking, and effective self-management in order to be successful in life. Mr. Grabar gave my son lots of personal attention and challenged him to push beyond his comfort level in completing some challenging assignments.  

        While my son was taking the AYP course, which uses The Seven Habits as its primary text, I received an interesting email inviting me to register for a class working through The Seven Habits. The stated objectives were that participants would learn how to “strengthen interpersonal relationships,” “set effective priorities,” and “develop a game plan for individual change that really works.”  This course was to be taught at a local university, in four day-long sessions, for $800! Oh, the irony! I am so thankful that Mr. Grabar gave my son this content (and far more) at such a bargain!  

        Mr. Grabar brings into the classroom his wealth of experience from decades of training leaders to improve their critical thinking skills and teamwork effectiveness.  His lessons are captivating, and your kids will gain important life skills.  I highly recommend his classes, but with this caveat: you must be prepared for your kids to bring into your family discussions some of the new and interesting ideas they will learn from him!”

      --Katherine Wilson-Thompson, IBCLC

"All of my kids have taken classes from Mr. Grabar.  They come away full of stories to share, and equipped to think more reasonably.   His Logic and Critical Thinking Skills class resulted in my kids bringing some unusual acronyms into our conversations. 

     "Mom, we need to remember of OPV here."

     "What's OPV?" I asked.

     "Other People's Viewpoints."  Then they explained to me that not everyone thinks the same, so we need to consider OPV when deciding something as a group.      This is just one example of the handles he gives them to remember to apply the problem solving skills he teaches.    

       I am very excited that he'll be working through The Fallacy Detective during a presidential election season.    The news will be rife with opportunities for our kids to have a great time spotting Straw Man arguments, Red Herrings, and more.   

      Full disclosure:  Mr. Grabar is my dad.  I've spent a lifetime learning from him and can confidently tell you he will be a blessing to your kids.  I highly recommend his teaching!"

                                                      --Alison Meredith

"World history this year has been a good experience for my boys. Mr. Meredith is very knowledgeable and engaging on the topics discussed. The class room discussions were interesting and the homework was challenging enough to keep them paying attention but not too much as to be overwhelming. He was also good at giving feedback on how to improve their final papers before they were to be turned in which I really appreciated. Overall I am happy that my boys took the class and they learned much more in that setting than they would have at home."

--Teresa Barker

If you don't see testimonials about the teacher you're researching, contact us!  We have not found time to produce written testimonials for all of our teachers, but we have raving verbal testimonials about all of them! We can connect you to a mom to share about any of our teachers.

Ms. McCraw is a consummate professional who knows her craft well.  She picks the right music for the group and places singers where they need to be.  With a high-energy, positive personality, Emily is always encouraging.  She quickly adapts to the reality on the ground focusing on the parts that need attention to dramatically improve the performance of the choir.  Ms. McCraw takes a group of individuals and transforms them into a true choir that is listening to one another and harmonizing exceptionally well.


--Isha Youhas   

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