Intro To Storytelling

Does your teenager get nervous at the thought of standing in front of a group to tell a story?


Do you have a teenager who loves telling stories, attracting a crowd every time?
. . . or is your teen somewhere between those two extremes?

All teenagers are welcome to take this class, where they will:

  • Learn how to captivate an audience when sharing a story

  • Hone their ability to clearly communicate both the details and the big idea of a story

  •  Shape the plot, structure, and emotional arc of a story

  • Craft compelling characters

  • Effectively use body language, vocal cues, and other skills to effectively connect with an audience

  •  Explore excellent stories in literature & discover oral language in classic texts

  • Embark on an adventure to discover stories in their own family’s history

About 2 hours of homework per week will be required for this course.

The oral storytelling tradition is as old as language itself. Throughout history, stories have primarily existed in the verbal realm, preserving and passing knowledge across generations before being canonized in print. This was true of the ancient epics—and it’s true today. This will be a fun elective where students will learn on-your-feet skills, encounter classic stories in new ways, and collect their own family stories—a course designed to enrich their lives for years to come.

Credit: ½ credit in an Elective Course. Parents are responsible for managing the transcript for their student. The teacher will communicate the end-of-course grade within 2 weeks of the final class date.



Fall, 2022



$125 one student

$230 two siblings

*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

  • Resources will be provided; students do not need to buy a text.