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Anna Manley earned her Master of Arts and Reading Education from UNC Pembroke. She has over 25 years of teaching experience, teaching professionally in NC Public Schools and in Kingsport City Schools. 


 Anna is a home-educating mom, private tutor, and a distributed scorer for Pearson Educational Company. 


Anna and her family attend First Broad Street United Methodist Church in Kingsport where she volunteers in the children’s ministry.​


      "Two of my students took Anna Manley's American Literature class. I was impressed with the level of work that Mrs. Manley required of them.

      The works of literature that she chose were an interesting mix, and there was something to grab the attention of each student.

      Mrs. Manley had obviously taken the time to produce a well thought out class plan, which she was willing to tweak as she got to know the students better. I take this as the sign of a true teacher, who has the best interest of her students at heart."

                              --Ann Monin

    "Five of my kids have benefited from Anna's teaching.  She's outstanding!   She brings to students a sincere delight in the process of learning--and this delight is contagious.   She is also firm and "in charge," displaying confidence without scrimping on kindness.  

     She has a wealth of expertise in helping kids improve their reading comprehension.  Her competence shines through her lessons--in watching her I'd sometimes think, "Oh, that's how you do it!"     

     Do you have kids who are already bookworms and love to write?   Do you have kids who find anything to do with English a chore?   Anna can handle both.  I highly recommend her as a teacher!"

           ---Alison Meredith


Previous Classes Taught by Mrs. Manley:


American Literature

American Literature II

British Literature



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