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Randy Smith joined the faculty of John Battle High School in 1973.   He taught there for 31 years; he also coached cross country and track.   He then taught 10 years on the faculty of Virginia Intermont College.    


Randy is a native of Winston Salem North Carolina.    He earned his undergraduate degree in History from Appalachian State in Boone, and his Masters degree from Virginia Tech.


Randy is a member and former youth director of Pleasant View United Methodist Church in Abingdon.   He has taught the Senior High Sunday School class for 30 years.   He also teaches a Wednesday night Bible Study.


Randy has been married to his wife, Mary Sue, for 44 years, and has two daughters: Ashley, who works for ESPN and lives in New York City, and Sarah, who works for Reynolds Museum of Art in North Carolina.  He also has 3 "Grand-dogs" - all yellow labs!

    "For History, I had originally planned for my husband and I to teach our own kids, even through High School.  We just don't have the budget to put them in classes for every subject.  But Randy received such rave reviews that I decided to put one of my children in one of his courses.  
    That was one of the best educational decisions we've made, and I've not looked back since.  My kids have taken numerous classes from Randy.   They come home laughing and full of stories to tell.   When I read the written assignments they have completed under his direction, I am thrilled at the ways he is challenging them to think critically--analyzing what they are learning instead of just memorizing facts.    But they do learn the facts too!  He really makes them work, but they love doing it for him."                                         -- Alison Meredith


This is Mr. Smith's last year with us. We have enjoyed the opportunity to learn from him over the years and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Fall 2018

   World History I

   Speech and Communications

   Current Events


Spring 2019

   World History II

   VA/TN History

   Current Events

Mr. Smith expects 2018-2019 to be his final year with our group.

  "Randy Smith is the best kind of teacher...someone who is passionate about his own learning, loves to teach and is committed to student growth and success.  My son, Isaac, appreciated Randy Smith so much he asked him to give the speech at his Boy Scout Eagle ceremony.  Mr Smith appreciates the opportunity to teach the homeschooling community now that he has retired and we are blessed to have him.  He is one of our family's favorite professors."          -- Ruth Grunstra

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