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  • This course is open to all high school students, previous experience not required.


* Mature 12-13 year-olds may join if they are willing to commit to the work ethic required and if, additionally, for young men, they have changed voices. 


  • Students will learn foundational vocal technique in a choral setting, participation in an ensemble setting, foundations of music reading, theory and aural skills.

  • Students will learn several pieces from various genres and styles within the choral repertoire.

  • A demonstration or performance will be given at the end of the semester, so that students are able to show what they have learned.


  • Approximately 1 hour of homework will be given weekly, which may include practice and memorization of choral repertoire, exercises to develop aural skills and music theory competency, and other listening or writing assignments.

  • The choir will perform in the sanctuary of First Christian Church at 6:30pm on Thursday April 27, 2022.  Please mark your calendar to participate in this.

  • This one-semester course is worth 1/2 credit of high school music. Parents are responsible for managing the transcript for their student.  The teacher will communicate the end-of-course grade within 2 weeks of the final class date.


Materials Provided By Students:

Black Three-Ring Binder

Materials Provided By Instructor:

All necessary sheet music and other materials


Fall, 2022



$140 one student

$260 two siblings

$385 three siblings

*Plus insurance and facilities fee.

See Registration page for details.

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