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Chemistry is a two semester course which is equivalent to a high school Chemistry class. 


  • Topics for study include:  Measurement, Units, Scientific Method, Atoms & Molecules, Atomic Structure, Molecular Structure, Polyatomic Ions & Molecular Geometry, Changes in Matter & Chemical Reactions, Describing Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry,  Acid-Base Chemistry, Chemistry of Solutions, Gas Phase, Energy, Heat and Temperature, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Reduction-Oxidation Reactions.


  • Class time will consist of lectures, working problems, and labs.


  • Work requirements outside of class will include reading modules in text, homework problems, and take-home tests.


  • The prerequisite for Chemistry I is Algebra I.

Linda Lahr Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Linda Lahr and Jessica Harwood will co-teach this class.

Read all about these two instructors by clicking here.


Provided by the Student:  

No textbooks need to be provided by students.  Textbooks will be loaned to students and should be treated with care and respect so that future students can use them.

Provided by Bristol Academy: 

Chemistry: Matter & Change, by Laurel Dingrando

Published by McGraw Hill, 2001




2021-2022    Wednesdays

$160 per semester


Each Bristol Academy student must also pay for insurance and for use of the church. 

These fees are per-student, not per-course.   

For information, visit our FAQ page.

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